On Collecting Experiences

When it comes to experiences, you can never collect enough.

I want to live my life chasing every possible opportunity that comes my way. I want to feel, to learn, and to discover.

I want to breathe the frosty air of mountain tops and feel the blazing heat of the African sun on my skin. I want to tread on the weather-beaten footsteps of Kings and Emperors, and envisage what they were thinking, doing, and saying.

I want to challenge my body – mentally and physically – by gliding through rapids and racing until my legs turn to jelly. And I want to keep doing it when I’m one-hundred and fifty years old.

I want to master the true art of meditation, and tackle Warrior III pose with flawless execution.

I want to see growth in the world around me — in nature, the Earth, my family, and myself. I want to acknowledge my mistakes and applaud how far I’ve come.

I want you to challenge my view of the world, and give me a chance to challenge yours. I want to debate, to listen, and to unearth your own collected experiences and discover how they’ve brought you to this place.

I want to love you and adore you with every ounce of feeling in my soul. I want to laugh until it hurts and cries until my tears run dry. I want to forget my surroundings and feed off the energy of your gazing eyes.

I want to collect experiences.

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