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Woohoo! It’s Friday! You did it, you made it to the end of the week! Or, if you’re in the service industry like me: It’s your busiest night of the week, buckle up!

My head is swimming this week trying to organize all my blog posts, freelance projects, and social engagements. I tend to be kind of a homebody, but for some reason, I planned three outings this week. Three! I’m not really sure how I’m going to fit it all in, and I’m thinking it would probably be easier if I actually left my apartment once in a while and spread out these events, but life doesn’t really work that way, does it?

This will be a quick post today because I want to show you something super easy, super fun, and perfect for a busy week/Friday night/breakfast (what…just me?). It’s no secret I love PB & J, I’ve made peanut butter and jelly cupcakes, brownies, and an ice cream cake! Excuse the old photos…:)

Now it’s time to drink your PB & J, milkshake style. This PB & J milkshake is very very creamy, and the graham cracker crumb rim is totally optional but totally fun. Drinks are far tastier with a delicious rim. I hope you have wonderful peanut butter and jelly-filled weekend! Enjoy

5.0 from 3 reviews Print PB & J Milkshake Author: Palette Dining Prep time:  5 mins Total time:  5 mins Yield: serves 2   Ingredients

  • 4 large scoops vanilla ice cream(about 1½ cups)
  • ¼ cup jam
  • ¼ cup peanut butter
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 TB graham cracker crumbs, or 2 graham crackers
  • whipped cream (optional)


  1. For the optional rim, run a lemon wedge over the tops of the glasses. Place the graham cracker crumbs on a plate and twist the glasses, bottom-up, to make a rim.
  2. Add all the ingredients except the whipped cream to a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream and a drizzle of jam.

Notes *To thin out the jam for easier drizzling, place a couple of spoonfuls of jam in the microwave for 20 seconds.

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