No-bake Vegan Summer Treats

If there’s one major change I’ve noticed since moving out of my parent’s house and into an apartment with no air conditioning, it’s that turning on the oven can raise the room temperature from 25 C to 35 C in ten minutes flat.

If you’re in a similar situation, I have an abundance of no-bake recipes to get you through this heatwave.
FIG AND COCONUT TARTLETS: These cute little tartlets are made up of only five ingredients and are ideal for the “natural food” lover. They’re made using my go-to tartlet crust of nuts and dates and have a creamy coconut whip in the center.
CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE: Calling all chocoholics! This cream pie also uses my go-to tartlet crust, only this time it’s even easier pressed into one large pie plate. It’s topped with crunchy cacao nibs – you really can’t go wrong!

PUMPKIN DATE BARS: This flavor may be a little out of season, but we all need snacks no matter what the temperature is outdoors! These guys are loaded with fiber from dates, oats, and pumpkin puree.

Mocha Cream Bars by #vegan #glutenfree

MOCHA CREAM BARS: Somewhere between Nanaimo bars and a cup ‘o joe, these bars are topped with a layer of cashew cream and dusted with cocoa powder for a pretty, simple look.

chocolate curry coconut bar

CHOCOLATE CURRY COCONUT BAR: Here’s two flavors you never imagined together – but I promise it works!

CHUNKY MONKEY COOKIE DOUGH BITES: I don’t think I need to say much to sell these little treats. It is cookie dough, after all.

Happy summer baking!

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