Thank you

Thank you

I’m popping in today for a message that is long overdue. This post is to say thank you because, without you, Palette Dining would not exist.

First of all, thank you to the many readers who stayed with me and continued reading while I took a long break from blogging, completely redesigning this site and its focus. I lost a large number of readers in that time, which I expected, but I know there are many who have continued reading and continued supporting me, and for that, I am ever grateful.


Thank you to all the new readers of Palette Dining — the readers who have joined me for one day, and the readers who have been stopping by for a few months or more. It’s you that inspires me to keep creating, to keep trucking, to keep this momentum up when all I want to do is lie in a puddle of blankets on the floor. I love this website, I love baking, creating recipes, and food photography. But it’s hard work. The endless amounts of dishes, the failed recipes, the long road to creating an income can all be frustrating, but whenever I see a new comment, whenever I see that you have taken two precious minutes out of your day to write something for me, my heart soars.

The community I’ve discovered through blogging is incredible, there are so many driven, successful, intelligent, creative people out there and it means so much that we all support each other and cheer each other on. The beautiful photos and writing that I scroll through every day constantly inspires me to learn and do better.

Thank you to anyone who has been inspired to make one of my recipes. This is the golden carrot of blogging. Sometimes it can feel like you’re just sending out recipes into this black hole, but to know that people actually create these things that you dreamed up just for that purpose is humbling. You have invited me into your kitchen, a sacred space, and I am tickled pink that you’ve done so.

I hope that your holidays are merry and bright, filled with laughter and fun, cozy and warm, white and snowy, hot and beachy, and whatever else your area of the world brings you. See you in the new year.

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